Can Finishing Touch cover one side of the family only?

We can, but to be honest we prefer not to.

Having filmed several weddings with other companies we have found its difficult to offer a service on the wedding day and end product that reflects how we normally operate when we work as The Finishing Touch Team

There are 4 primary reasons for this:

  1. All of the group of couple photos are duplicated and naturally take twice as long to produce when both companies need the same photographs.
  2. There’s potentially twice the number of  Photographers and Videographers operating at the same time which makes us look very conspicuous with doulble the amount of video equipment
  3. Its very had to film and photograph the wedding ceremony and evening reception   without inadvertently capturing  the other Wedding company either in the foreground or background
  4. There’s also the more delicate problem between each companies of who’s lead on the Wedding day- whose setting up the couple and group shots etc

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