Proofing The Wedding Events

By default, once the wedding video/s are edited we upload them to our dedicated vimeo gallery for you to proof.

Most of our clients are usually happy with the finished product, but we are happy to make some small  amendments as long as it doesn’t dramatically change the flow and style of the film (as reflected in our full length videos shown in the Real Weddings Menu Header above).

For example, some of our previous clients have ask for alternative music choices ( to their previous selection) and some have asked for parts of their wedding video to be deleted (usually a guest that wasn’t invited!).

The first set of changes are completely free, and there after we charge £100 per set of changes

Any technical faults, including missing audio, black outs and lip sync error, will be fixed without charge

How many tracks of music do you need for a punjabi wedding?

Normally, we need music for all the footage before and after the wedding ceremony, i.e the getting ready stages and arrivals at the venue, and reception party (which is recorded as a live production)

Most of our clients send an email with YouTube links to their favourite tracks but we are happy to receive music files via email

If you are struggling for ideas for the music we have added a music page where you can find suggestions from previous clients.

So a typical wedding day of a Punjabi /Sikh wedding has 7 sections that require music, as seen below, and can be instrumental or with lyrics.

1- 2 Tracks for  Preparations of the Bride and group photos

3- 4 Tracks for Preparations of groom, ceremonies and group photos

3- 4 tracks for Milni and exchange of garlands

5- 8 tracks from Sagan at end of religious ceremony

1 track for detail shots of the venue and guest arrivals

2 – 3 tracks for doli

1 – 3 tracks for grooms house – depending on the number of games



What are our Asian Wedding Package Prices?

We get ask this a lot and most of these enquiries don’t realise our prices are already on our front end website under Hindu & Sikh Weddings . We realise that most asian websites don’t reveal that prices until you make the first enquiry, but we like to be as transparent as possible regarding our pricing and what’s included in our standard all inclusive packages.


Do you know all the key moments and important rituals?

Having photographed and filmed over 50 Hindu and Sikh weddings over the past 5 years, we believe we have know all the important moments of the wedding day and pre wedding parties.

But if you, or your parents, have any doubts that we know all the important rituals, we always suggest you watch one of our Full length Wedding Films that can be found on this website.


How Long Have you Been Capturing Asian Weddings?

Pam and Ian have been running the business for past 15 years and mainly filmed and photographed civil/church and fusion/mixed faith weddings.

But just over the past 5 years our business has gradually change direction into Asian Weddings and in 2017 we Filmed and Photographed 23 Hindu and Sikh weddings and 18 Pre Wedding Parties

In 2019 90% of all our booking will be Hindu, Sikh and fusion weddings

Can Finishing Touch cover one side of the family only?

We can, but to be honest we prefer not to.

Having filmed several weddings with other companies we have found its difficult to offer a service on the wedding day and end product that reflects how we normally operate when we work as The Finishing Touch Team

There are 4 primary reasons for this:

  1. All of the group of couple photos are duplicated and naturally take twice as long to produce when both companies need the same photographs.
  2. There’s potentially twice the number of  Photographers and Videographers operating at the same time which makes us look very conspicuous with doulble the amount of video equipment
  3. Its very had to film and photograph the wedding ceremony and evening reception   without inadvertently capturing  the other Wedding company either in the foreground or background
  4. There’s also the more delicate problem between each companies of who’s lead on the Wedding day- whose setting up the couple and group shots etc

Do you have a Drone?

The short answer is Not yet.

While I have considered buying one, I just don’t see how I can logistically make it happen, while we are trying capture all the other events of the day..

So, our solution to the conundrum, is to team up with another company DEK Images who specialise in filming events and to be honest can probably produce better footage than I would as a novice.

You would need to see permission from the venue, as some Hotels and Halls have drone restrictions They charge a flat rate of £500 for 4 hours, of which you would have 25 minutes of useable footage for me to reduce down to a couple of minutes within the main wedding film..

If you are interested in having drone footage, there’s a booking Fee of £100 and the contract and all liabilities would be with by DEL Images

Are all the Photos edited?

Yes, we edited all the photos including exposures, cropping and colour temperature if needed.

For some of the couple photos that are selected for the wedding album we may also embellish them a little to create the wow factor

Choosing music for your wedding video.

It has to be said that choosing music for your wedding video can often be one of the hardest challenges you will face with the whole the wedding experience.

Many of our clients really struggle to think of appropriate music for their wedding, and end up picking music from the video highlights  portfolio on our website.  

Whilst all the music is perfectly ok, they are generally big romantic ballads, which don't always to sit well together when edited back to back on the timeline. 

So we often add other instrumental music in between these tracks to help with the flow and pace of the video.

Our Solution

To resolve this issue, we have now added a Music Inspiration page of some popular music that has been provided by previous clients and some instrumental music that I have discovered over the years which help with the quieter moments during the wedding day.

For Punjabi weddings I even categories music for different parts of the day as some of songs have special meanings to them.

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