How long will it take to receive the DVD/Blu-ray Discs

We’ve found the fairest way to prioritise the editing schedule is to set it according to when the music is provided by the client. We don’t put any pressure, or rush our clients to provide their music selections, so you can make sure you have a list of music that you’re completely happy with.

Clients who provide their music shortly after the wedding will be positioned higher on the schedule while those that provide the music quite some time after the event will naturally be further down the editing schedule.

As every client would like their wedding video to look perfect,  we spend at least 30 hours of editing (including any changes the client may request after proofing the video) to ensure the client is happy for the final version. Most of our clients understand that you can’t rush the editing process as this is can lead to mistakes, and ultimately, please bare in mind, this is a video to be treasured for life .

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