What’s a wedding photojournalist / reportage photographer?

Indeed, what is the difference between the two?…………..none.

Having thoroughly researched its definition (ie Wikipedia!) they both mean ”¬†a person who takes photographs during a wedding using an alternative approach where images are captured spontaneously to emphasise¬†moments and emotion”

In other words – candid, informal , non posed photographs.

Many wedding photographers, including ourselves, like this style because it captures people being themselves and looking generally happier than during posed photography. But the downside to this is that it takes time and perseverance and lots of photos to capture those rare emotive moments.

But of course, while many weddings couples would love to just have informal/reportage photographs of the day, the reality is that you have to keep your family members happy as well and include some formal group shots. This, as any one that’s been to a wedding recently can vouch, takes time and can be a huge distraction from taking informal photos that the couple so desperately want.

Its for this reason that we find two photographers work best, one for the posed group and couple shots and one for the reportage photography – the best of both worlds!

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