Whats the advantage of DSLRS over HD Video cameras?

So if video is so good why are some wedding companies using DSLR’s?

I think it all boils down to 3 reasons:

  1. When everything is set up correctly in the cameras , ie iris, colour temperature, focus and correct lens for the shot, the quality of the video is amazing!
  2. The pull focus and ‘bokeh’ effect the lenses produce are also amazing.
  3. And finally, and this is the ‘biggy’, the cameras are relatively cheap in comparison to video, so there’s a real incentive to over come all the obstacles of DSLRs.

For me, they work best for getting establishing shots of the venues and details shots of the ceremony and wedding breakfast room.

I also use them on a monopod, stabiliser or slider when it’s not critical to get it right first time. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 takes to get the shot looking perfect! At all other times they are used in conjunction with video cameras for piece of mind!

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