Why can’t conversations being heard on video?

This is an interesting one.. Wouldn’t it be lovely to here all the ‘Goss’ your guests and friends are talking about on your wedding day!

I’ve had some guests in the past (not many I can assure you), ask me if, nay begged me, to delete an indiscreet conversation they were having before realising they were on camera!

I always try to reassure them by saying, “don’t worry, I didn’t hear you, and there will be music dubbed over you anyway- so no one will ever know”

This doesn’t happen very often, because in order to film people chatting and looking relaxed on camera, we need to film from a distance using our wonderful zoom lenses. So conversations are normally more background chatter and not actual full length conversations.

Even if, for some reason I was close to some guests chatting, but filming someone else at a distance, we would never hear the whole conversation because we never stay in one position long enough to catch the gossip.

So, while it may be frustrating that you can’t hear the conversations, its with good reason that I dub over them with music!