Hindu & Chinese Wedding Photography at Grand Station// Leanne & Kwok

Kwok and Leanne married at Grand Station Banqueting Suite in Wolverhampton. Leanne got ready at home and Kwok headed to the venue to finish off his last preparations, where two of our team were waiting to capture Kwok and his family arriving.
The couple had a civil ceremony followed by a hindu ceremony within Grand Central. For the civil ceremony, Leanne wore a lovely 2 piece outfit. The top was a silver and blush sequin blouse with a blush pink skirt to compliment the blush and white flowers and the bridesmaids’ pink blush dresses. Ravita Pannu created the 2 very different, beautiful makeup and hair looks.
After the civil ceremony the couple had a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, where Kwok’s family give the couple gifts and share herbal tea. Once the couple were officially married, they had a few family photographs outside the venue and a break where a small breakfast was served. This allowed Kwok and Leanne some time to get changed for the traditional Hindu wedding.
For the Hindu wedding, Leanne wore a stunning traditional indian wedding lengha, which was mainly red but full of vibrant blues and oranges. Kwok wore a traditional indian wedding sherwani in blues, yellows and gold detailing. Once the wedding finished, the couple and their guests head back to the foyer area where there was a drinks reception, canapés and a little Photo Booth set up. We had the opportunity to float around and capture guests mingling as well as take some shots of the decor and details within the reception hall.
The couple made their entrance straight to the cake table, where they had photographs with friends and family feeding them cake. Starters came out, which lead to the could sitting down for speeches. Both Kwok and his best man gave heartfelt and funny speeches. After speeches the couple stepped onto the dance floor to take their first dance as husband and wife. They danced to Coldplay’s Magic and the dance floor soon opened for ally he guests to join them.
Thank you for having us be part of your day Kwok and Leanne. We wish you a wonderful married life.

Camera, Lights – Action

I may of mentioned how excited we photographers and videographers get when we produce the ‘Bokeh’ effect, but equally we love it when we have good lighting- without it, we are in trouble!!

So we are always looking for the best positions to take advantage of the natural light outside and inside. But sometimes there simply not enough of it and that’s when extra lights come into the fold.

We use LED lights for video, usually during the evening for the party, and sometimes for photography when we want to create that nice atmospheric look.

While lights are necessary, we hate to be over powering with them – no one wants to feel they are under the spot light!

How we maximise time?

You will often hear how the wedding day just seems to go so quickly for the wedding couple. One minute your anxiously putting your shoes on in the morning, then you blink, and you’re wearily taking them off!

Well you may be surprised to hear, the same applies to us photographers and videographers.There never seems to be enough time to get all the shots we hoped and planned for. So to help remedy this, we, as a team, often use the following 2 strategies:

  • we record simultaneously in 2 locations, i.e brides and grooms preparations, or group shots and wedding breakfast details.
  • we share the responsibly of moving equipment between locations so that one photographer and videographer can also continue filming without delay.

Why we love working as the Finishing Touch Team.

I know I’m bound to say this given our niche, but I genuinely love working as part of a team -just about everything is better!

For a start, we are all working from the same song sheet, we know what each other’s roles are, and chat together to decide the best positions during the ceremony, speeches, dancing etc.

Secondly we share the task of moving equipment between locations.

Thirdly we share equipment, such as cameras lenses and lights.

Fourthly we can record at two locations simultaneously. This is especially useful when both Bride and groom preparations are required simultaneously.

Quite often you will find photographers and videographers competing for the best shooting positions or simply ‘downing tools’ because they can’t share the same shots. At the Finishing Touch, we simply compliment each other’s skill sets and work as one entity to capture the day wholly and seamlessly.

Why can’t conversations being heard on video?

This is an interesting one.. Wouldn’t it be lovely to here all the ‘Goss’ your guests and friends are talking about on your wedding day!

I’ve had some guests in the past (not many I can assure you), ask me if, nay begged me, to delete an indiscreet conversation they were having, before realising they were on camera!

I always try to reassure them by saying, “don’t worry, I didn’t hear you, and there will be music dubbed over you anyway- so no one will ever know”

This doesn’t happen very often, because in order to film people chatting and looking relaxed on camera, we need to film from a distance using our wonderful zoom lenses. So conversations are normally more background chatter and not actual full length conversations.

Even if, for some reason I was close to some guests chatting, but filming someone else at a distance, we would never hear the whole conversation because we never stay in one position long enough to catch the gossip.

So, while it may be frustrating that you can’t hear the conversations, its with good reason that I dub over them with music!

How long will the DVD/Blu-ray be?

How long is a piece of string!

It varies from wedding to wedding depending on the length of the ceremony, entertainment, speeches and evening dancing, but an average can be anywhere between 90 – 120 minutes for a civil/church wedding and 180 -240 minutes for Asian and greek weddings.