Do you have a Drone?

The short answer is Not yet.

While I have considered buying one, I just don’t see how I can logistically make it happen, while we are trying capture all the other events of the day..

So, our solution to the conundrum, is to team up with another company DEK Images who specialise in filming events and to be honest can probably produce better footage than I would as a novice.

You would need to see permission from the venue, as some Hotels and Halls have drone restrictions They charge a flat rate of £500 for 4 hours, of which you would have 25 minutes of useable footage for me to reduce down to a couple of minutes within the main wedding film..

If you are interested in having drone footage, there’s a booking Fee of £100 and the contract and all liabilities would be with by DEL Images

Are all the Photos edited?

Yes, we edited all the photos including exposures, cropping and colour temperature if needed.

For some of the couple photos that are selected for the wedding album we may also embellish them a little to create the wow factor

Severn Valley Railway

So, when we chatted to Pav and Daniel about their Pre-Wedding Shoot they said they wanted something a little bit different, maybe perhaps a little bit “Vintagy”. So, with this in mind off we all trundled to the wonderful Severn Valley Railway, where Maisie took these amazing shots.

We even jumped on a train for a trip to Arley, which is just the prettiest little station for taking photo’s. We’d like to thank everyone at Severn Valley Railway who helped make our day such great fun, and a special thanks to Millie from The Style Lounge, for transforming our lovely Bride-to-be, Pav, into a stunning 1940’s Icon!

Choosing music for your wedding video.

It has to be said that choosing music for your wedding video can often be one of the hardest challenges you will face with the whole the wedding experience.

Many of our clients really struggle to think of appropriate music for their wedding, and end up picking music from the video highlights  portfolio on our website.  

Whilst all the music is perfectly ok, they are generally big romantic ballads, which don't always to sit well together when edited back to back on the timeline. 

So we often add other instrumental music in between these tracks to help with the flow and pace of the video.

Our Solution

To resolve this issue, we have now added a Music Inspiration page of some popular music that has been provided by previous clients and some instrumental music that I have discovered over the years which help with the quieter moments during the wedding day.

For Punjabi weddings I even categories music for different parts of the day as some of songs have special meanings to them.

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Hindu Wedding Photography and Video at Loughborough Grammar School // Hiten & Pooja

Hiten and Pooja married in Spring 2017 in a grand Hindu Wedding at Loughborough Grammar School, which was very fitting for their love of Harry Potter!

When Pooja arrived to the venue we were able to sneak her away to capture some lovely bridal portraits. She wore a stunning traditional red and green bridal sari with matching accessories. Hiten and his guests arrived to the venue and the celebratory precession began with lots of dancing and singing along to dhol players. It was sure to be a lively and colourful wedding.
Hiten made his entrance into the venue to begin the first part of the ceremony. Pooja then made her entrance and walked down the aisle. The Hindu ceremony began, the couple made their vows and took their 7 steps into marriage.
Once the wedding ceremony had finished, guests made their way to grab some lunch while we took the couple away for some newly-wed portraits around the stunning grammar school grounds. It was a sunny afternoon and the blossom made for perfect Spring photographs. As the couple had planned for their reception party to be the following day, we had plenty of time to capture some beautiful footage and photographs.
Once Hiten and Pooja had a little time to unwind and have some lunch it was time to say goodbye to their guests in a traditional Vidaai ceremony. Guests lined up while the Bride and Groom did their rounds of bidding farewell.
The day, the couple headed to Domain Plaza in West Bromwich to celebrate their new married life. They had an awesome Marvel/Harry Potter novelty wedding cake and a huge “Mr & Mrs” light up display. Before the guests arrived we captured couple portraits around the inside of the venue. Pooja wore a navy blue indian party dress while Hiten opted for a navy suit to match his lovely wife. The guests entered the reception and the couple made their grand entrance to kick start their celebrations.  They evening included a dance act by 3 younger guests and a jazz musical act by Pooja’s brother’s band.
It was a fantastic lively party, we had so much fun capturing it. Congratulations once again Hiten and Pooja. Thank you for choosing the Finishing Touch to be part of your day!